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Tobiah Nöll

Child of God, Developer

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Hey there!

I am a convinced Christian and programmer. Here on this page you will find some topics, projects and (programming) languages that interest me. Until now, there is not much to look at but i'm sure there is content coming soon.

I like to use my skills and experience for God, that's why you can find some volunteer projects on this site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Latest Projects

Other Projects

Timeline of Biblical events

A compact timeline of biblical Events. For now only in German.


Work Experience

IT-Administrator, Building-Automation - University of Siegen (2015 - Present)

Working as the IT-Administrator of the Department for Building Automation at the University of Siegen includes:

  • Maintaining the (Virtual-) Server-Environments for several Management- and Operator-Stations Centralizing the Building Automation. (Windows Server 2012 and OpenSUSE)
  • Managing multiple Class-C Networks and Firewall Rules.
  • Maintaining and Expanding our BACnet and Profinet Networks, including Programming Siemens S5 & S7 & PX, Wago and Kieback & Peter.
  • Supporting the integration of large Projects like new Buildings and building renovations.
  • Developing tools to easily integrate new components, test our networks and integrate Building Automation into other Systems of our University

Apprenticeship at the University of Siegen, Chair for Data Communications Systems - University of Siegen, DCS (2012 - 2013)

Working as the Apprentice of an IT-Systems Electrician. Maintaining the IT-Infrastructure of the Chair of Data Communications Systems (DCS), developing (Virtual-) Environments for the scientific Assistants to safely run their Programms, Test their Communication-Protocols, etc.